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Lisa Caren


Emerging artist Lisa Caren was raised in Woodstock, NY where she had the luxury of being surrounded by artists and creative free thinking people which now has profound impact on her process. Living for over a decade in the South of France, being inspired by the endless natural beauty and rich culture pushed her further into returning to Photography as her creative process. She now lives in Oxnard, CA, sandwiched between a marina full of "sticks" and the Pacific Ocean. She explains that when she sees her future pieces, her subjects , either land or sea , that she sees "roughed in blocks of color", what she describes as seeing through what might be in the moment a “Rothko” lens and in the edit she might work through a “Wolf Khan” filter or as of late, let nature take its course. She likes to say that she's obsessed by boats, the water they float on and the reflections that dance around them. She lovingly describes the agriculture that surrounds her as masterpieces waiting to be captured...

Resident Artist since 2014 the HUD Gallery 

1793 E Main st Ventura CA

Juror Exhibit the HUD Gallery Sept. 2015

Relegate Curator /BAA CA Heritage Collection

Public exhibition : Artwalk Ventura October 2106

Public exhibition : Gallery V, Ventura August 2016

Public exhibition : Solo Show Santa Barbara April 2016

Public exhibition : HUD Gallery July 2014 & Sept 2014

Public exhibition : Stoneworks Ventura June 2014

Public exhibition : Studio 413 New Bern NC 2013

Public exhibition : MacComber New Bern, NC 2012

Permanent Public Exhibition Danbury Hospital, CT

Private Collection Beverly Hills CA

Private Collection Danville CA

Private Collection Oxnard CA

Private Collection Oakland CA

Private Collection San Francisco CA

Private Collection Ventura CA

Private Collection Norwalk CT

Private Collection Stamford CT

Private Collection New Bern, NC

Private Collection Charlotte, NC

Private Collection Portland, OR

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